Monday, March 30, 2009

Lomography Camera - Product Review

There are many type of lomography camera in Malaysia, we have Holga, Diana and cheap toy camera from Korea. Recently I bought a digital lomography camera called “Minimo” and I’m happy with the result. For those going into lomography especially my students or Freakers there are 2 suggestion what kind of camera that can be used for lomography, basic Holga 135BC and Minimo (digital lomo).Digital lomography camera suitable for the beginner because it was simple and very handy without devoloping any film, just slot in the usb into your pc got what you want.....


Picture taken using Minimo.

Tech Spec.

Price - RM 220 - 290 (including accessories)

2.0 Megapixels cmos sensor

1600 X 1200 size

2GB SD card compatible



For the advance user, Holga 135BC is the best choice, easy to use and cheap using 35mm normal film.Holga also have 120mm medium format film (include 35mm adapter) camera for those who want more experience and challenging photo shot.

Holga 135BC

Tech Spec.

Price : RM 255/260 (basic)

Format : 35mm film

Shutter : f/100 and “B” Bulb mode

Aperture : f/8

Focal Length : 46mm Optical Lens

Depth Of Field : 3 to infinity

Focus Zone : 4 setting

Weight : 178gm

Hotshoe external flash adapter

Picture taken using Holga 135BC


  1. May I know where did you purchase the Minimo in Malaysia?

    Is there any other digital lomo that you could recommend?


  2. hi... i wanna buy a lomo Diana good???

    can you add me in gtalk or email me please??

  3. hi.. im interested of buying a lomo camera.
    which one is better, Diana or Holga?
    and where to buy this camera in kL?
    please advise.


  4. hi... i'm interested on lomo camera but i dun knw where to get it(KL, PJ and Subang Area) can u pm and give some advise which one is better, Thx u

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  6. may i know where to get the minimo? thanks

  7. Minimo-x is available now!

  8. Hi,

    Good News to all! Minimo-x is available now!!!

    Minimo-x, capture poetic moments of life in offbeat perspective & become an international culture devoted to the art of the snap-shot!

    Minimo-x, a keychain size digital camera, lightweight of 31.5g, features with 3.2 Megapixel,

    compatible with Micro-SD card up to 8GB and USB transfer, built in Li-battery, 1″ LCD and also available as a WEB & Video camera.

    Characteristics such as over-saturated colors, full double-exposure capability, intense vignetting,

    produces signature images and peculiarities of its own, which result in a dreamy, layered effect, or an upside-down, mish-mash world of your choosing!

    It acts as a toy camera to snap and record your family, friends, pets, street scenes, and every moment of your life easily.

    Minimo-x will refresh your visual, fill you with happiness, make you see beauty when you thought it had vanished forever,
    and bring out sunshine on a cloudy day.

    Please have a look at the following link for more details:

    Thank you!

  9. dude, im really interested in this lomography but didn't have any lomo camera. before this i used my sis nikon d5000 dslr. but i wanna have my own camera which is lomo. so how can i start?

  10. where i can get lomo camery?i really interested with it.can u suggest me?


  11. hi do you do shipping to singapore?
    im interested in Minimo..

    pls reply to

  12. Hi,
    i actually have the Holga 135BC.
    but i am wondering why the color tone for your sample photos can be so nice.

    any special films u are using?

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