Sunday, July 24, 2011


Secara amnya, ISO berfungsi meningkatkan sensitiviti sensor kamera terhadap cahaya ,berbanding dengan sistem filem, kita perlu menukar keseluruhan katrij ( 35mm ) mengikut ISO/ASA yang bersesuaian dengan situasi pengcahayaan sekitar.Gabungan ISO+Shutter speed+Aperture membentuk satu gabungan untuk mendapatkan dedahan (exposure) yang sempurna.Tetapi kelebihan penukaran ISO pada kamera digital mempunyai kontranya......Digital Noise.....cuba bandingkan kedua-dua gambar dibawah.Sila rujuk exif data pada gambar dimana penggunaan ISO yang rendah mempengaruhi kelajuan shutter dimana pada ISO 100 kelajuan shutternya 1/100 dan ISO 25,600 kelajuan shutternya 1/8000.Kesimpulannya, hanya gunakan ISO yang tinggi pada keadaan yang benar-benar perlu sahaja.Selamat berfoto.......

ISO 100

ISO 25,600

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Power Of Black & White Photography

It is very long…..long time since the last posted I made a couple of month ago…..again with an official work and some private things that need to be done…..and I will get my time to writes….Ok, for this post I just want to talk just a little bit about “black & white photography”….why…….???...why did we need it in this glorious century with full of colors…….even we can printed good quality color picture at home…………for me, black & white photography is the purest thing in photographic thing because early birth of photography started with black & white image. This pure element of shadows and light give us a power that you can achieve just using your observation and interpretation to make your photo a dramatic way. For me, learning black & white photography is basic knowledge to enhanced our skill in this vary colorful world. This is a couple of my b&w collection including portraits,landscape & fine art in the closing of 2010......Good Luck……and enjoy your photography…peace!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


In English, the term refers specifically to photonovels/photographic comic, a genre of comic illustrated with photographs rather than drawing.Clip art or photo comics (also known as fumetti ) are types of webcomics that do not use traditional artwork. - Wikipedia

1. Series - combining more then 1 pages with story line.

2.Single Page - one single page that contain simple dialogue or information

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Outdoor Portraiture

A busy day..... a busy month.....a busy semester.......but in great holy month of Ramadhan, a very blessed month in entire I just want to share a couple of photography session since my last post...I hope you'll enjoyed it.. Selamat Hari Raya to all my students, blog readers and my muslim brothers & sisters...Maaf Zahir Dan Batin

Outdoor Portrait Photography With Single Off Camera Flash

Behind The Scene - Nikon D80 + 50mm f/1.8 + Nikon SB600

Thanks to model of the day, Syafinaz & Nazri a.k.a Songkok as my assistant( maybe a light stand).

Outdoor Group Portrait Photography With Dual Off Camera Flash

School Of Art & Design Aidilfitri Photo Session

Nikon D80 + 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 + Nikon SB900 & Nikon SB600

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tanjung Lumpur : Kuantan’s Panoroma

Kuantan is the state capital of Pahang, on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. As a east coast state, fishing is one of the main activities here.Last Sunday (30th May 2010) me and my boss, Mr. If (Nikonman) shooting around Tanjung Lumpur .For me, it just another great experience even for just a couple of hours……ciaoww…….lastly...the key ingredient for low-light photography is a sturdy tripod that help me a lot for this kind of situation.

What I used for this trip :-

Nikon D80 + Nikkor 18-55 F/3.5-5.6 VR + TR300 Tripod & Circular PL Filter

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Infrared Photography

In infrared photography, the film or image sensor used is sensitive to infrared light. The part of the spectrum used is referred to as near-infrared to distinguish it from far-infrared, which is the domain of thermal imaging. Wavelengths used for photography range from about 700 nm to about 900 nm. Usually an "infrared filter" is used; this lets infrared (IR) light pass through to the camera, but blocks all or most of the visible light spectrum (the filter thus looks black or deep red). - Wikipedia

And so...bla..bla..bla.....for me,Infrared Photography give a sudden impact to our visualization and a dreamy effect ( or I can say..more to surreal kind of image).For this post I'm just want to show a couple of my infrared work, I'm using converted Nikon D60 with 18-55 VR lens and post-processing with Adobe Photoshop CS4.........

Unseen Light

Blue Sky Paradise

What's Dream May Come

Lost In Time

Path Of Loneliness

Quotes Of The Day

"We should think of a photographer as a Samurai who makes rituals, moves and gestures in order to develop his techniques and his instinct." - Alex Majoli