Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Power Of Black & White Photography

It is very long…..long time since the last posted I made a couple of month ago…..again with an official work and some private things that need to be done…..and I will get my time to writes….Ok, for this post I just want to talk just a little bit about “black & white photography”….why…….???...why did we need it in this glorious century with full of colors…….even we can printed good quality color picture at home…………for me, black & white photography is the purest thing in photographic thing because early birth of photography started with black & white image. This pure element of shadows and light give us a power that you can achieve just using your observation and interpretation to make your photo a dramatic way. For me, learning black & white photography is basic knowledge to enhanced our skill in this vary colorful world. This is a couple of my b&w collection including portraits,landscape & fine art in the closing of 2010......Good Luck……and enjoy your photography…peace!!!!

Quotes Of The Day

"We should think of a photographer as a Samurai who makes rituals, moves and gestures in order to develop his techniques and his instinct." - Alex Majoli