Friday, January 29, 2010

Macro Photography - A Little Tiny Winy World

Macro Photography a.k.a close-up photography is the used of an image projected to the DSLR sensor as a same size of the subject (Source From Wikipedia) in other words to take a picture as close as possible especially a little tiny winy object or insect.This is a couple of my macro shot using my trusty Nikon D80 with Tamron Telephoto SP AF 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro.

Spear Brigade


Butter That Fly 2

8Legged Freak

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Is "Prime Lens" ?

In film and photography, a prime lens is either a photographic lens whose focal lenght is fixed, as opposed to a zoom lens, or it is the primary lens in a combination lens system.

Confusion can sometimes result due to the two meanings of the term if the context does not make the interpretation clear. Alternative terms primary and fixed focal length or FFL are sometimes used to avoid ambiguity.The best thing about AF Nikkor 50mm is the max aperture f/1.8..hahaha for "bokeh" crazy.....this is your some of my 50mm ......

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography or portraiture is the capture by means of photography of the likeness of a person or a small group of people (a group portrait), in which the face and expression is predominant. The objective is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the subject. Like other types of portraiture , the focus of the photograph is the person's face, although the entire body and the background may be included. A portrait is generally not a snapshot, but a composed image of a person in a still position. A portrait often shows a person looking directly at the camera.
Source - Wikipedia

*thanks to Mr Nazreen & Mr Kaszaki for this photo session.

Quotes Of The Day

"We should think of a photographer as a Samurai who makes rituals, moves and gestures in order to develop his techniques and his instinct." - Alex Majoli